Thursday, November 19, 2009

Burgermania Begins

I drove past the Orem In-N-Out on my way to work today, and the line was already starting to form--two hours before opening. I'll be waiting a few weeks before I get in line, but stay tuned for my In-N-Out/Chadders burger challenge.


Dale said...

I'd like to have a side-by-side comparison between In-N-Out, Five Guys, and Chadders. My memory is that I like Five Guys best.

Jon W. said...

I get that In-N-Out produces SoCal's Holy Grail of burgers, but does it really deserve all the hype and praise? I first heard of the place when I was in middle school. A new kid from California would wear his In-N-Out shirts to school almost every day. Pretty soon the entire 8th grade split into two groups: people who'd been there and people who hadn't. It was a powerful phenomenon, and on our next trip to Anaheim I pestered my folks enough to be granted a visit. The experience wasn't really great, and a subsequent visit about 5 years ago didn't change my opinion.

For me, they're just greasy, mass-produced burgers that take their place one or two steps above the McDonalds/Burger King fare, and one ahead of Crown Burger, Apollo Burger, and Burger Supreme. I guess that puts them on par with other places like Five Guys, but still below great burger joints. To get a great burger experience go somewhere like Sammy's Cafe in Provo or Scaddy's in Salt Lake.

I'm interested in what you'll say in your challenge. I just don't think they deserve the buckets of praise people dump all over them.