Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Casualty in the Burger Wars

In-N-Out is here. So if Five Guys. EZ Take Out in Orem closed. Will Chadders survive In-N-Out?

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Josh Daniels said...

I like Chadders a lot. I also have a little resentment for In-N-Out because they left the Utah market open for so many years. It is a little curious that they didn't open locations here a decade ago. I think Chadders will (and ought to) survive. It is locally owned and we should be loyal to that and resent In-N-Out for not coming sooner. I think Chadders will be better too.

My resentment for In-N-Out:
1) They are solely owned (non franchised) and thus open locations at their own will/whim--no wonder someone spun off their familiar simple high quality burger (can you really trademark good quality simplicity??)--no tear shed for In-N-Out, simply bad business decision to not open here a decade ago. (I know they had to know this, many ppl have requested)

2) Did their negligence of the Utah market have anything to do with 'other' factors that defy business logic? As soon as Chadders opens, then In-N-Out takes notice??? I understand their regional fresh ingredient distribution and can maybe see how the isolated wasatch front market with less population than the California valleys may prohibit a full blown operation here, especially in light of the large greek owned premium burger chains. But I still think there may have been another 'factor' in their decision to not open here for so many years.--once again, you can't fault Chadders.

ps-I won't openly state this 'factor'. I think others will know what I mean.

pps-I moved to Houston Texas and found out there are not any good burgers available. Literally very few:
1) No Carls Jr. or Hardees (we are left with Burger King as sole acceptable fast food burgers)
2) Nothing like the local greek owned places (Supreme, Crown, etc).
3) No In-N-Out or something like Chadders
4) No JCW's
5) No other good local places like Stumpys.
6) Instead, we have a nasty, disgusting, local chain called What-a-Burger (NOT good at all, chewy mushy HFC buns, flat untasty pattys, processed cheese, literally worse than McD's)--yet "What-a [nasty]-Burger" is on every corner.

Our one hope is a couple locations near us of: Mooyah

Mooyah is awesome! It rivals JCW's. But that is all we have here :( Can't wait to return for Christmas break to have some good Utah burgers!